Matthew Barzun Named No.1 Dinner Party Guest

The magazine for the country’s elite, Tatler, has announced that Matthew Barzun is the number one ideal dinner party guest. As the top ten most sought after attendees were...

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Sex and Love in New York and London with Tom Cowell

Born and raised in England, Tom Cowell is a New York-based comedian. We spoke to him about love, sex and relationships in NY and London. Here are the highlights....

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Sticky Chicken Wings


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On average american’s get through half a billion of these tasty treats. And no wonder. Here are 4 simple steps to a mouthwatering chicken wing dish using our fellow Brit, Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae sauce. Step 1: Some some chicken wings in a pie dish Step 2: Smother them in Reggae Reggae sauce Step 3: Allow to […]

Mozzarella Sticks


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Europe is known for it’s cheese. This is how they do it in America and, man do they have it right! You’ll need eggs, milk, breadcrumbs (mix with some herbs), flour and cheese sticks. Step 1: Mix eggs with a little milk and put in one bowl Step 2: Pour flour into another bowl, and […]